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Golf cart rentals in Isla Mujeres

Want to discover Isla Mujeres? Golf cart Renting is the best option to get to know every corner of the island. Enjoying this vehicle during your stay in Isla Mujeres is the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to move around the island.

Explore this jewel of the Caribbean with total freedom and without schedules with your golf cart. To make the most of your stay in Isla Mujeres, there is a wide variety of rental companies to rent your cart. Most of them are located at the ferry terminal. It is recommended to rent your golf cart in advance, especially during high season, as these vehicles sell out quickly.

Golf cart parked on Isla Mujeres

Our golf cart rentals service in Isla Mujeres

From our hotel, Privilege Aluxes we offer you to rent a car without leaving the hotel. At the hotel we have 5 carts from the rental company Islander. If we run out of stock, we work with two other companies, Playa Norte and El Sol, who will deliver your golf cart to the hotel so you don't have to travel to get it.

We have two types of rentals, rent per day and rent for 24 hours. Below we explain in detail the conditions of each type of rental.

Types of rentScheudlePriceGasoline Tank Advance Booking

Rent per day

from 09 a.m. h to 5 p.m.1850 pesosIncluidedAvailable

Rent 24 hours

24 hours from the begining of the rent

2000 pesosIncluided

In the daily rental, if the client starts the rental later than 9:00 a.m., he/she must also deliver the golf cart at 5:00 p.m., regardless of the time at which the rental starts. In the event of a delay, a late delivery fee of 500 pesos/hour will be charged.

Payment must be made at the beginning in cash or credit card. If you want to make sure you have transportation from the first moment of your stay, you can reserve your golf cart before your arrival on Isla Mujeres by email. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will only need to sign the rental contract and pay at the front desk.

What do you need to rent a golf cart in Isla Mujeres?

A valid driver's license is required to rent a golf cart and must be shown at our front desk at the beginning of the rental. At no time will your driver's license be requested as a deposit during the time you enjoy your golf cart rental.

Types of golf carts in Isla Mujeres

The golf cart rental companies in Isla Mujeres have all types of carts for rent that will adapt to all your needs. You will find small and big ones. All vehicles can accommodate a maximum of 4 people (children included).

The difference between the large and the small golf cart is the distribution of the back seats. In the small cart the two people in the back face the rear. In contrast, in the large cart, all passengers face forward. Sometimes these large-capacity vehicles have a basket in which to place your belongings.

The best golf cart tours around Isla Mujeres

Punta Sur

Punta Sur is one of the most magical places on Isla Mujeres. If you want to make a complete route this extraordinary enclave should be the first destination of your route around the island. In this area so characteristic for its cliffs, you can live a unique experience witnessing the best sunrise in the Caribbean. Punta Sur, due to its location, is the first place where the sun rises in Mexico. The entrance fee is 30 Mexican pesos or one U.S. dollar.

Aerial view of Punta Sur in Isla Mujeres

Temple of the goddess Ixchel

Located very close to Punta Sur, this ancient Mayan temple dedicated to the goddess of the moon. It is located in a spectacular enclave on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. About 25 works of art, which are located very close to these archaeological remains of the Mayan world, together form the Sculpture Park of Isla Mujeres.

Garrafón National Park

This natural spot is one of the locations on the island with the best views of the Caribbean Sea. Inside the park you can have fun in its fascinating beach, where you will find all kinds of services: restaurants, lounge chairs and equipment rental for water activities. It is one of the most incredible places to snorkel in Isla Mujeres.

Playa Lancheros

In the west of the island is Lancheros Beach. This place has a great variety of options to experience a unique day. This sandy beach has all the necessities, restaurants, beach clubs and multiple aquatic activities. Here you will witness up close sleeping cat sharks, this species is common in the southern part of Isla Mujeres.

"El Pueblo", the center of Isla Mujeres

You can also visit "El Pueblo", the most urban area of Isla Mujeres. The narrow cobblestone streets are lined with colorful buildings, artisan stores and restaurants offering local and international gastronomic delights. Cultural life is vibrant in downtown Isla Mujeres, with frequent events and festivals celebrating Mexican tradition, music and folklore.

Isla Mujeres downtown decorated with monkey stuffed animals

The Malecon is one of the most visited places in Isla Mujeres, in this well known promenade you can enjoy beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea, it is also the perfect place to watch the sunset.

Playa Norte

Another of the most spectacular beaches of Isla Mujeres is Playa Norte, where our hotel, Privilege Aluxes, is located. It stands out for its white sand and crystal clear waters. Playa Norte is, year after year, chosen as one of the best beaches in Mexico and the world.

Aerial view of North Beach in Isla Mujeres

Frequently asked questions golf carts Isla Mujeres

Below, we tell you everything you need to know to rent golf carts in Isla Mujeres and make the most of your vacation in this jewel of Mexico.

Is it easy to drive golf carts in Isla Mujeres?
Drive the golf cart as if you were driving a car, always check for bicycles, scooters or other vehicles in your blind spot before turning. Use signals when turning, and be aware of pedestrians, children and animals on the fairways.


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Responsible: PRIVILEGE HOTELS Purpose: To answer your queries and/or requests. Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information. Additional information. You can consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection on our website, Privacy Policy section.


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