Adventures for everyone

Isla Mujeres and the region provide a great deal of opportunities to experience Mexico in unique and fascinating ways. You can tour the Mayan ruins or check out one of the many preservations and nature tours.


Park of Sculptures

Located on the southernmost tip of the island, where the sun rises, is the Park of Sculptures. Because of its unique geographic location, it was designated as a permanent open-air museum in 2001, and displays 23 original pieces by local and foreign artists. Among the most famous pieces are the ones made by the world-famous mexican sculptors Sebastian and Jose Luis Cuevas.

It is a splendid site enhanced by the incredible backdrop of majestic cliffs and the stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The Park of Sculptures is located where sun rises every morning. Designated as a an open air museum in 2001, this Isla Mujeres park features about 20 local and foreign artists pieces including Mexican sculptors Sebastian and Jose Luis Cuevas.The north part of the island will allow you to admire an open-air sculpture museum. You will enjoy the magical experience of being in the first place over the mexican republic to receive the rays of the sun every morning.

Turtle Farm

Located on the southern part of the island, and supported by Mexican government and private funds, at Isla Mujeres turtle farm you will learn about preservation and will admire turtles in different stages of development.

Every year from May to September, Isla Mujeres welcomes hundreds of giant sea turtles tha come to lay their eggs in the beaches of white and fine sand of the island. Mexican laws protect sea turtles and their eggs are deposited in special areas safe from predators. Once little turtles are strong and ready islanders, tourist and children help them to return to their natural habitat and release them to the sea.

The Turtle Sanctuary opens daily. Visitors and specially kids will learn about preservation and will admire turtles ranging in weight from 5 oz to more than 600 pounds in different stages of development.

Other Attractions

Other attractions on the west side of the island are swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery park and visiting the underwater statue of the virgin near the lighthouse.